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Baer Software

Baer Software is a computer software company based out of 440N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, California, United States.

We believe advsiors prefer a software model which enables the selection of best of breed technology. But inefficiencies are perpetuated when these systems do not communicate. Countless hours are spent by you and your staff manually entering and updating data, juggling multiple login credentials, and going back and forth between multiple dashboards.

Hub enables operational efficiency through the seamless integration of multiple technology applications into a single cloud-based application.

Baer Software
  • Automated integrations and monitoring
  • One place to enter and edit household data
  • One click single sign-on into each web or cloud based system integrated with Hub
  • Unified view of data from multiple systems in one dashboard
  • Ability to search for data in mulitiple systems without leaving Hub
  • Integration with proprietary and legacy software systems
Baer Software

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Baer Software

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