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AvilaPay is an Electronic Money Institution that supports individuals and companies with multicurrency e-wallets for sending and receiving payments and for exchanging currency via a mobile app. Their mission is to become a network that connects people and businesses around the world and provides access to various financial products and services. AvilaPay will be an ecosystem that brings financial solutions to those with a global lifestyle, becoming a community that grows your business and enriches your international experiences. In addition, we know that when it comes to money, transparency and security are two fundamental pillars.

  • Instant money transfers – with AvilaPay you can transfer money fast and efficient to other users in only 5 taps. No account numbers or long waiting times
  • Exchanges money in seconds – AvilaPay multi-currency account allows to exchange money in different currencies availables
  • Set up payments and transfer – with AvilaPay customers can plan cash management to relatives or payments when these are recurrent
  • International Debit Card – with international debit card, clients can buy anywhere in the world and pay in any currency

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