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Avalara Inc.

Avalara offers full service sales tax management tools utilizing progressive technology to automate the burden of statutory transactional tax compliance. Avalara’s flagship product, AvaTax has become the automated sales tax compliance solution for businesses all over the world. In fact, Avalara leads the market and integrates seamlessly into more financial and e-Commerce applications than any other product or service available. Originally focused on the needs of small and medium organizations, Avalara’s services can be leveraged by businesses of any size and varying levels of complexity.

  • Calculations – get sales and use tax calculations based on the latest rules and rates in system delivered to shopping cart or invoicing applications in real time.
  • Returns – automate the returns process, from preparation and filing to remittance
  • Registrations – simplify the process of sales tax registration across the U.S.
  • Documents – automatically omit tax from exempt sales and efficiently manage exemption documentation from the cloud.
  • Content data and insights – increase business efficiency with deep insight from sales tax and transaction data.

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