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Aurora is the brawn every brand needs to compete in the ever-changing payments industry. Holding company’s muscle power ensures limitless payment mode acceptance, thriving revenue streams, and capital for expansion. They can unlock the complicated world of payment processing for customer with access to technology, platforms, and industry partnerships.

  • Inventory Flexibility – easily customize menu items and inventory, establish product bundles and modifiers, and configure pricing.
  • Employee Management – manage employee time clocks, review hours and manage permissions from POS dashboard.
  • Transaction Reporting – 360º view of the business, track and analyze all of transactions and inventory data from one portal.
  • Integrated Payments – certified with the latest payment tech including EMV PIN debit and mobile payments like Apple Pay® & Google Pay™.
  • Best In-Class Hardware – industry-leading POS equipment and peripherals to help modernize and organize counter-top.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance – all software-based updates are done remotely and company provides 24/7/365 support should anything ever go wrong.

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