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Attunely is a cloud-based, optimization platform for the ARM industry that uses machine learning to increase efficiency in the collection process, thus improving outcomes for creditors, lowering risk, and expanding access for subprime borrowers.


Attunely Platform is a proven, compliant, and trustworthy optimization technology that applies the latest advances in machine learning to make the recovery of receivables easy, seamless, and profitable.

  • Smart Warehouse
    A compliant, cloud-based data warehouse to isolate your custom ML models


  • Reporting
    Rich, web-based user experience with powerful, flexible BI reporting and plots


  • Rules Engine
    Configurable rules engine to meet compliance and client business requirements


  • Pool Management
    Tools to form collection pools, manage omnichannel strategies, and simplify workflows‍
  • Dynamic Scoring Models
    Models customized to deliver insights that maximize your outreach strategies

    • Propensity to Pay
    • Liquidation
    • Omnichannel
    • Time of Day
    • Settlement Optimization
    • Delinquency Prevention
    • Default Prevention
    • Agent Productivity

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