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ATA RiskStation

The genesis of the ATA RiskStation™ platform was an unmet need. ATA RiskStation™ was developed by Aladin Abughazaleh, a private investor seeking to more effectively oversee his own third-party managed portfolio after selling his technology company. After reviewing available risk solutions in the marketplace, Mr. Abughazaleh simply could not find an existing product that offered the right balance of comprehensive functionality, ease of use, market coverage and intuitive reporting at a reasonable cost.

Mr. Abughazaleh is a thirty-year veteran of the Alternative Investments industry and his experience as both a former investment manager and then a technology entrepreneur, positioned him well to identify the product opportunity and to quickly execute on the vision. Once it became clear that his proprietary risk system filled a clear market gap for cost-effective but comprehensive risk modeling, ATA RiskStation™ was launched as new service to directly meet those investor needs.

ATA RiskStation
  • Reporting
  • Customizable Risk Scenarios
  • Stress Testing
  • Customizable Shock Factors
  • Instrument-Level Risk Drill Down
  • Automated Customizable Risk Alerts
  • Multiple VaR Models And Parameters
ATA RiskStation

Companies that integrate with ATA RiskStation

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

CircleBlack is a wealth management platform that gives a complete financial overview of your client’s portfolio in one simple-to-access location.
Orion Advisor Services
Orion was built by advisors, for advisors. The market didn’t have a portfolio accounting service good enough for a registered investment adviser, so Orion built the solution.

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ATA RiskStation

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