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Amino Payments

Amino is a payments company that combines technologies from blockchain, payments, and advertising to bring transparency to online advertising. With a founding team comprised of co-founders of Integral Ad Science, Monetate, and Sailthru, Amino lifts the shroud from the media supply chain and eliminates fraud, waste, and abuse, making the entire industry more transparent and cost-effective.

Amino Payments
  • Supply path optimization – identify the best performing supply paths and double down;
  • Impression-level financial transaction data – understand the real cost of each impression by layering attribution and verification data with financial transparency;
  • Verified vendor identity – know and authenticate vendors and their financial transactions;
  • Vendor Management – understand the true value each partner brings and use precise financial details to make data-driven decisions;
  • System of record – review holistic reports for effective budgeting and forecasting of future campaigns;
  • Automated reconciliation – eliminate billing errors and reduce operational costs by relying on an agreed upon source of truth;
  • Simplify payment process – only pay vendors for impressions that comply with contractually agreed upon guidelines;
  • Amino Lens – cryptographically validates each vendor and records every media dollar spent onto a digital ledger & analytics dashboard in real-time. As a result, media spend can be instantly audited and adjusted to meet financial and engagement goals.
  • Amino Pay – provides marketers with control throughout the supply chain and enforces vendor agreement terms using smart contract technology.
Amino Payments

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Amino Payments

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