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Altametrics is a provider of web-based enterprise solutions specifically for the restaurant industry. The eRestaurant solution has a solid return on investment and is deployed by major players in the industry. eRestaurant is a complete web application, requiring no software for the operators and is highly scalable with the ability to handle large companies with thousands of units as well as modest operators with less than 100 restaurants. Altametrics e*Restaurant is a comprehensive solution that goes far beyond the typical back-office parameters of labor-management and basic food cost solutions. It offers applications for complete financial management of every facet of an operation and can be found in more than 69,000 locations and clients include 27 public companies. The company’s solutions are designed to effectively integrate with other applications, and allow clients to easily access information to make informed decisions.

  • Back Office – operating system that powers everything client does in his restaurant
  • Workforce Management – create efficient and compliant schedules by using machine learning to match customer demand with labor across hourly workforce
  • Business Intelligence – operations excellence achieved by sharing real-time KPIs
  • Financial Management – one solution to handle all cash management, sales reporting, and accounting

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