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Alkami Technology develops and delivers digital banking solutions for credit unions and banks. Its product includes ORB Platform which is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that offers retail banking features, such as P2P, card controls, alerts, account aggregation, rewards, shared access, PFM, and analytics; business banking, which includes managing payroll and wires and payments, and administering sub-users and their permissions; integrated mobile banking; and intelligent content delivery.

Alkami Technology
  • Money Movement – fully integrated money movement tools increase deposits and drive users to engage with client as their primary entry point in the new economics of money movement.
  • Customer Service – simplify and reduce the cost of servicing users while deepening relationships, exceeding expectations, and defining what convenience should look like.
  • Security Empowerment – achieve the balance between convenience and safety that users expect all in a secure cloud environment.
  • Ease of Use – grow the connection to users and provide opportunities for them to expand their relationship with client and make healthier financial decisions through a frictionless experience.
Alkami Technology

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Alkami Technology

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