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By harnessing the power of the iPad and our Airues restaurant software, restaurants now have a portable POS for restaurants tool to take orders right at the table, get instant pairing recommendations to help up-sell, transmit orders directly to the kitchen, accept payment, conduct surveys, reward repeat customers and take advantage of hundreds of innovative and amazing features – all with a few touches. aireus is new. It’s refreshingly unique. It costs significantly less than traditional POS systems.

  • iPad POS – Aireus is a revolutionary hospitality point of sale system that combines Apple innovation with powerful business logic; it offers fully featured and easy to use solutions designed for the restaurant industry.
  • Web Ordering – asking only the questions that need to be asked, in exactly the order the customer would expect them. All mobile orders are treated just as if the order was placed in the restaurant by a server.
  • Kitchen Display – designed to deliver the most intuitive and integrated experience we offer all the core POS features client will want and need including a wired or wireless iPad smart kitchen display solution.
  • Mobile Payments – allows to set up and offer customers the ability to pay for orders by credit card in minutes, all on their own mobile phone. No more jumping through hoops. Whether it be credit card, or Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
  • Gift Card Solutions – create and manage guest payments with stored value programs. Easily keep track of all customers from web browser anytime, anywhere. Issue, redeem and check card balances real-time.
  • Self Service Kiosk – includes food ordering kiosks, card readers, payment gateway integrations, kitchen display systems and centralized reporting & Business Intelligence tools for analytics.
  • Apple TV – with revolutionary affordable in-room Apple TV app, guests can now indulge and experience a meal without having to call an agent. They simply browse the menu and customize each dish just to there liking and order.
  • Mobile Manager – from alerts, messages to dashboards and manager approvals, Aireus has created and built a mobile manager app for the Apple iPhone and iWatch with all new ways to do all kinds of things.
  • Hotel Features – customized for hotels and resorts, Aireus offers granulur POS options including weird or wireless iPad POS, Self service Kiosk, Apple TV In room dinning, Cabana and Pool side ordering and mini bar and room service modules.

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