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Advisor Controls

Advisor Controls houses a suite of technologies and resources built to improve the planning outcomes for clients while improving the bottom line of an advisors’​ practice. Advisors have access to essential resources, trusted technologies, and proven planning processes used by top producers. With the development of innovative tools that enable advisors to optimize product mixed and maximize planning outcomes, Advisor Controls has created an easy-to-use solution for understanding and advancing clients’​ retirement income stories.

Advisor Controls

Retirement Plan Simulator

  • Simplified Data Entry
  • Simplified Planning Process
  • Retirement Risk Simulations
  • Side-by-Side Summary

Engaging Presentations

  • Easy-to-understand presentations
  • Print and screen presentation options
  • Play-by-play transactions
  • Engaging for Clients

Planning Resources

  • Proven planning processes
  • Training resources
  • Suggestions from top producers
  • Video library
Advisor Controls

Companies that integrate with Advisor Controls

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

Redtail Technology
Redtail Technology, Inc. is the leader in Web-Based Client Relationship Management solutions for the Financial Advisor.

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Advisor Controls

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