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Moxy integrates and streamlines all aspects of the investment management process, from portfolio construction through settlement. With easy access to critical data, a simple interface, and unmatched connectivity with counterparties, Moxy provides a stable, centralized location for making and executing trading decisions, enabling portfolio managers and traders to move quickly in today’s more demanding marketplace.

SS&C Advent
  • Asset allocation – Moxy supports asset allocation methodologies
  • Powerful order views – Custom order entry dialogs with full editing capability streamline trade creation
  • Real-time views of trading data and cash positions – Dashboards show you exactly where you stand at any given time
  • Comprehensive security coverage – Trade globally in equities, fixed income securities, and derivatives in a more streamlined manner
  • Maker/checker functionality – Enforces functional security with option to require trade approval by someone other than the trade creator
  • Multi-currency settlement – Traders can settle in any currency
  • Ease of integration – Moxy integrates easily with other Advent solutions as well as third-party platforms
  • Trading compliance – The compliance foundation in Moxy supports preventive rule checking for trading and portfolio composition restrictions, which can be further enhanced by adding Advent Rules Manager® to handle more complex situations
SS&C Advent

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