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Abtek is a state-of-the-art Credit Card Processing and Merchant Account Solutions provider. As credit card experts, we enable businesses big and small to accept and process credit cards, as well as delivering customized processing solutions to fit your evolving business needs.

  • Clover – mix and match POS hardware & software for specific needs with Clover from Abtek.
  • Countertop Terminals – countertop terminals designed for easy credit card processing.
  • Email, text, print receipts – allows merchants flexible receipt options.
  • Financial and Activity Reports – merchants have access to many types of reports. Settlement, Batch, Failed, Expired cards. Many of which can be emailed automatically.
  • Virtual Terminal – allows merchant to process transactions without their customer having to go to a web site to purchase a product. Also used for Refunds, Voids and Reporting.
  • Multi User with Unique Login Credentials – merchants can setup users with permissions to control access.
  • Automatic Recurring Billing – allows merchants to set up scheduled billing, weekly, monthly etc. while storing customer payment information securely on host server.
  • Fraud Prevention Tools – allows merchant to customize the transaction they wish to be blocked based on Address or CVV not matching, Country, IP Address, Card number, etc.
  • Hosted Payment Page – redirect customers to a secure payment form which allows merchant to no longer be exposed to sensitive payment details. The payment page can be customized to match merchant website design.
  • Mobile – have the freedom to process payments from anywhere with the benefit of swiped rates and chargeback protection
  • Gift Cards – Abtek gift card program leverages the power of brand to acquire new customers, encourage repeat visits and build customer loyalty
  • ACH / Check Services – by accepting Electronic checks, merchants eliminate the cost and inconvenience of manually processing paper checks and waiting for checks in the mail

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