Clubs and Communities

We provide a range of communities for each level of interest in software development. We have created clubs for everybody, whether they comprise young talent craving experience in Java programming, IT experts ready to share their experience, or C-level executives of software tech companies providing financial services and other enterprise solutions.

WealthTech Club
We have created the first digital platform for WealthTech experts, in which we conduct research into Fortune and startup robo-advisory and wealth-management companies in terms of the technology ecosystem. We observe IT trends and news, and provide analyses of leading WealthTech companies and the principles that underlie their success.
Java CTO Club
Our international digital club is for chief technical officers working in Java stack. Here, we offer close analysis of trends and methodologies applied in the Java technology ecosystem. We discuss architectures, programming principles, and team management. All knowledge we share has been gained from considerable experience of Java development.
Smart Club for Smart Talks
Established in 2015, our monthly Smart Club meetups are targeted toward mid- and senior-level developers and QA engineers. Senior engineers from INSART and other Ukrainian IT companies share their experience in rising to the nontrivial challenges they face in software development, often discussing these challenges and their solutions in considerable depth.
IT Academy
For several years, we have been contributing to educating others in IT. Every year INSART holds classes at IT Academy, which entails training courses that provide practical knowledge of Java and JavaScript. Whether participants are students or graduates with basic knowledge of Java or JavaScript, IT Academy gives them the expertise they need to find a job in the IT industry.