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The Challenge

INSART was asked to assist Salsa Labs in implementing the new project which included the following challenges:

  • Providing a development team.
  • Implementing the Salsa Ignite project.
The Solution

Providing a development team

Business value: The client was looking to cost-effectively augment their in-house development team to help them implement the Salsa Ignite project. All the team members were supposed to have a thorough grasp of English to be able to freely communicate with their U.S. counterparts. Moreover, the client required the team to be set up within a very short period of time.

Details: Initially, Salsa Labs requested INSART to provide a strong team of four eminently skilled professionals: a Team Lead/Senior Java Developer, a Front-end Java/JavaScript developer, a Front-end JavaScript developer, and a Senior QA Engineer.

INSART’s Resource and HR Management Team started the search and selection process immediately after the client’s staffing requirements had become known.

Result: INSART came up with an excellent staffing solution that fully corresponded to all Salsa Labs’ requirements. To make the augmentation procedure more seamless and enable faster engagement, some of the team members visited the customer on site. INSART has managed to valuably augment the client’s in-house team that has, so far, met, and, on some occasions, even exceeded the client’s expectations.

Implementing the Salsa Ignite project

Business value: Salsa Classic’s success prompted the client to develop a similar product geared specifically toward smaller-sized nonprofits with the goal to further expand the company’s customer base. That project got the name Salsa Ignite.

Details: The INSART project team has been handling a variety of tasks associated with the bulk of the system’s functionality. The interaction with the client has been somewhat hampered by their business processes being currently re-engineered. INSART’s experts have helped the client better redefine and optimize their business processes, and, in particular, initiated the introduction of automated testing.

The excellent interim results of INSART’s involvement in the project, and the great rapport we have built with the Salsa Labs’ IT team have both encouraged the client to broaden their cooperation with INSART. In July, 2014, Salsa Labs made a decision to engage INSART to support the Salsa Classic platform, including bug-fixing and implementation of incoming change requests. INSART’s involvement in the Salsa Classic project was later extended to the migration of part of the client’s customer base to the Salsa Ignite platform.

Result: With INSART’s assistance, the customer has not only been able to fill their staffing needs precisely in accordance with their complicated requirements and within the shortest possible time, but they have also acquired a valuable technology and consulting partner.

The Architecture Overview

The INSART team used the following technologies while implementing the project:

  • Java, Spring, Hibernate, JSP
  • Angular, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • HazelCast
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL

Alex Sukhenko, Vice President, Technology

“INSART is a software provider whose flawless performance should make them an ideal partner for any project that falls within their range of technologies. INSART’s software engineers are first-rate professionals who take great professional pride in what they do.”

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