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We focus on what we do best:
FinTech & Java Engineering



We develop and re-engineer Java software products for the FinTech industry, with headquarters in the heart of the financial world, New York, and R&D labs in Ukraine, which is famous for its highly skilled Java engineers.


Java Engineering

We know Java inside out and understand how to treat Java enterprise system architecture, databases, and APIs. We always get the most out of Java features for the specific business domain and required business solutions.

To provide first-class development for FinTech and other B2B industries, we find, attract, teach, and nurture superb Java developers and only retain those who are willing to study and grow.

Java Backend & Multi-Layering
Client Application Layer
Client API Layer
Third-Party Systems
APIs Layer
Service / Business Logic Layer
Data Distribution Layer
Data Transformation Layer
Persistence Logic Layer
Database Storage Layer

We offer complex multilayered software development for enterprise systems which includes backend, database, frontend, mobile software development and 3rd-party APIs integrations.

We build secure, reliable, and scalable APIs that prevent data loss and reduce transmission latency, network traffic, and server load.

We are experts in Java backend development, primarily using Spring, Hibernate, Hadoop, Spark, Maven, Tomcat, Hazelcast, AWS, SQL and NoSQL databases, etc.

Reengineering & Microservices
Single unit
Coarse unit

Our customers come to us for our expertise in reengineering legacy enterprise software systems.

Depending on system prerequisites, we adopt one of the following approaches:

  • Creating a new software system from scratch using microservices.
  • Continuously decomposing the working system into microservices.

FinTech Engineering

Iterations Number

Rework Time

Communication Time

Over many years spent building software solutions for the financial industry, we have been investigating and bounding the FinTech domain, and identifying commonalities and variabilities within software systems in the industry.

FinTech Expertise

Payment Systems
& Payment Processing

Wealth Management
& Robo-advisors

& Fundraising

Trading Platforms
& Algorithms

& InsurTech


& Cryptocurrencies

Big Data

FinTech Engineering Concept

FinTech Domain Knowledge

Strong domain knowledge and clear understanding of the processes in the industry enables us to implement ideas and create appropriate solutions.

FinTech Solution Knowledge

Our knowledge base contains descriptions of every FinTech solution, which is not under NDA, technologies prefered, and our own frameworks and APIs.

Knowledge Transfer

Our developers have access to gained knowledge, undergo training programs, visit seminars and meetups, where they share their experience, discuss solutions, and generate new ideas.

Tech Experts

We are staffing technical specialists with experience in FinTech development and tutoring them in our Competency Center, so, our staff speaks the same language as customers.

New FinTech Solution Desing & Implementation

Our own FinTech Engineering approach is the synthesis of the mentioned components, which enables us to design and implement new efficient FinTech solutions for our customers promptly.


Featured Clients

Relied on by more than 1,000 of the largest financial institutions to execute US$14 trillion each day in payments and securities.

Global payment system for Bitcoin and fiat currencies. Has 250,000 clients and processes more than 2,000 transactions a day.

A Bitcoin exchange platform. Has over 4,000 users and process tens of thousands of transactions.

Their flagship software product, Auros, serves Ford Motor Company with 16,000 users, General Motors with 13,000 users, Airbus, NAVISTAR, TRW, AAM, JCI, and other manufacturers.

Technology platform providing customizable robo-advisor in the wealth management industry. Raised US$20 million.

Market-leading software for wired and wireless broadband service providers, which is currently running in tens of millions of devices.

Online payment processing platform for merchants that simplifies integration of different levels of payments in their business.

Innovative and affordable solution for integration of two-factor authentication in banks and payment systems. A partner of Citrix Ready Marketplace.

Global payment gateway solutions connected to 300 alternative payment methods and working in 160 countries.

Integrated cloud-based insurance platform for property and casualty carriers, agents, and MGAs. Raised US$36.7 million.

The world’s only provider of enterprise video solutions. Raised more than US$62 million in funding.

Service for e-commerce merchants that simplifies PCI DSS certification process. Serves MLB, Hughes, Vigorate, OrderDynamics, Six Flags, Deloitte, etc.

Fundraising platform for non-profit organizations with 3,000 clients around the world. Raised about US$16 million of VC investments.

Full spectrum of integrated solutions for fixed income, currencies, and commodities trading.

Enterprise call marketing solutions with the Voice Marketing Cloud platform. Powers 100 million call yearly. Raised US$60 million.

Marketplace platform for housing developers and lenders providing alternative finance to projects below £5million and opportunity to invest in asset back projects.


Our Workflow

Step 1

Pre-contract Analysis

Identify whether we can help.

Step 2

Project Charter Preparation

Identify how we can help.

Step 3

Agreement Signing

Protect rights on both sides.

Step 4

Business Analysis

Specify software requirements.

Step 5

Team Assignment

Best specialists for each role.

Step 6

Project Implementation

Provide Agile-based software development.

Step 7

Product Release & Support

Deployment & maintenance of the system.

For software development, we apply one of the following models: project-based development or a dedicated team. Whether you intend to provide full project management or to control only the development results, you choose the corresponding model.




New York, USA
2 Rector Street, Suite 1202
10006 New York, NY


Kharkiv, Ukraine
18 Gudanova Street
61024 Kharkiv, Ukraine
Career opportunities

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