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Our engineering teams participate in development of both complex WealthTech solutions and separate components. Our WealthTech clients have 12,000+ users managing over $60 billion in assets and raised $54.3 million in funding.


We build teams that assist in building leading end-to-end payments solutions for secure data collection and reliable payment transfers on any platform. Our PayTech clients execute $14 trillion each day in payments and securities.


Our expertise in development of solutions for automated quoting, dynamic insurance rates, and agency-wide administration enables you to streamline the insurance process. Our InsurTech clients processed $5 billion in payments and raised $35 million in investments.

Lending & Fundraising

We build dedicated teams that create custom solutions for lending and fundraising clients. Their platforms are serving over 3,000 clients of both profit and non-profit organizations around the world and process around $33 million annually.


Domain expertise of our development teams enables you to boost the development of high-performance systems with the full spectrum of integrated solutions. Our clients are companies developing a myriad of trading software solutions.


Our development teams have considerable expertise in building software for nonprofit organizations. We help you build SaaS solutions that allow nonprofit organizations to streamline their operations, manage their campaigns, and achieve their mission.

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Featured Fintech Clients

Digital wealth management experience platform for financial advisors. Raised US$55 million total funding.
Fundraising platform for non-profit organizations with 3,000 clients around the world. Raised about US$16 million and acquired by Accel-KKR.
A digital marketplace with a community of 53,000+ SMBs purposely built to give them economies of scale, operational efficiency, and enhanced enterprise value.
A B2B sales and marketing solution that enables focus on growing revenue and faster personalized engagement instead of spending time managing data
Relied on by more than 1,000 of the largest financial institutions to execute US$14 trillion each day in payments and securities.
Global payment gateway solutions connected to 350 card acquirers and alternative payment methods and working in 160 countries.
Global payment system for Bitcoin and fiat currencies. Has 250,000 clients and processes more than 2,000 transactions a day.
Online payment processing platform for merchants that simplifies integration of different levels of payments in their business.
Integrated cloud-based insurance platform for property and casualty carriers, agents, and MGAs. Raised US$36.7 million.
A Fintech platform that enhances the client–advisor relationship, which results in double-digit gains by bringing integrations together into a single portal and optimizing interactions.
High-performance system providing the full spectrum of integrated solutions for Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC) Trading.
An automation-driven portfolio management software for advisors and firms of all sizes that is designed to simplify and streamline back-office functions.
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How We Work

You can download our guides to learn more about our internal processes from recruiting and onboarding to security and software delivery. Each guide is packed with advice, examples, and checklists that can be used to ensure other vendors do it right.

To hire the best-fit people for your project, your vendor should have a well-established recruitment process. In the white paper, we look at the core steps of the recruiting pipeline and discuss what actions are expected from your side to ensure your vendor builds the right dedicated team for you.

The most bitter problems occur because of people; however, the biggest achievements are also made by people. What makes the difference is how you treat your human resources.

Fintech team onboarding is an important part of the project’s success. The crystal-clear process of the team members’ onboarding contributes to project security, performance, and stability. The streamlined onboarding should involve domain, project, and technical knowledge transfer, as well as security basics.

The biggest security threats are connected to people and their cybersecurity ignorance. The classic definition of the enterprise IT boundary has blown up. The new IT perimeter is the users themselves. Let’s build a secure future together!

The software delivery process isn’t as plain as it seems. For a successful project launch, you’re to have many wheels rolling and orchestrate numerous processes. The result of software delivery is not the code provided but the client success achieved.

FinTech Communities We Run & Support

Fintech Integration Marketplace

Access the whole Fintech integrations ecosystem in one place. Grow your business through partnerships.

WealthTech Club

A niche community bringing the best technology and wealth management minds together to dive into multiple facets of WealthTech products and make them better.

FinTech CTO Club

The first community for technology leaders in FinTech to learn and share the best tech and business leadership practices, discuss common challenges and obtain a career success.


FINTECH Circle is an angel network which enables emerging financial technology firms to execute their vision and to successfully expand their FinTech businesses.


California Fintech Network is a non-profit trade organization for professionals, founders, executives, and investors that work and invest in the financial technology sector.


Learn more about leaders of the WealthTech industry: which integration solutions and in which categories they offer. In each category — Portfolio Management, Risk Tolerance, Trading & Rebalancing, CRM, etc. — we explore integration champions and show breakdown of integrations by provider.


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Digital Wealth
In|Vest West
Blockchain Expo
LendIt Fintech
Benzinga FinTech Summit

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